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We are so excited to announce our latest breeding at Daykeyne.

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Daykeyne Akitas are only bred if they are of sound temperament.. They enjoy giving lots of kisses and like attention. They are easily trained and very responsive to the enforcement needed to insure a great dog. A quality dog takes a good amount of discipline with a respectful, loving hand and environment. Daykeyne offers a sound basis for you to build on, and will assist in many ways to help a new owner achieve their goal—an Akita to live with.

Daykeyne Akitas does NOT encourage all people interested in an Akita to actually acquire an Akita. Since the Akita is one of the most dignified and beautiful animals available, many prospective canine owners seek to learn more about the breed. Some of these potential Akita owners are going to be much better off with a Labrador, German Shepherd, or a smaller dog. If you desire an extremely obedient dog that always comes when called, a dog that can always be off leash at the park, and a dog that will be by your side craving attention—then an Akita is not for you. Please try another breed-- you will be much happier.

However, if you are seeking a companion that has a mind of it own, one that can be stubborn and determined to try to have its own way, a dog that can pretend to not hear your calls, and a very affectionate and loving companion then an Akita might be for you.







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